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In the face of dazzling light while driving should choose what kind of sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
Hot summer, often drive friends always obsessed with the sun's rays. What should the pilot selected suitable sunglasses from the many kinds of glasses? How to choose sunglass? What are the considerations for wearing sunglasses? Small make up to explain it. Recommended reading: good sunglasses glass lenses or resin lens is good? Optional gradient sunglasses sunglasses can withstand, prevent ultraviolet damage to the retina and lens, to slow or prevent the onset of cataracts. In the strong sun in the summer, people go out to wear sunglasses, but try not to wear indoors. Sunglasses should follow the principle of moderation, must not because feel fresh, fun and excessive wear. Especially for teenagers, not wearing sunglasses indoors, because indoor visible light can stimulate an eye development. Eye myopia driver, can wear contact lenses, sunglasses again if the driver can't wear contact lenses, eye inflammation will wear myopia glasses, plus a clip. The eye not myopic driver, advised to choose a color sunglasses, because it will be according to the intensity of uv discoloration, is more humanized design. Drivers can't wear dark sunglasses, because wear dark sunglasses may cause visual delay, are unsafe. 'Sunglasses on the market at present with dark sunglasses and polarized sunglasses, generally speaking, the driver had better wear polarized sunglasses when driving, because the polarized lenses can be completely cut off due to various factors such as scattering and reflection of dazzling glare, can effectively guarantee the driving safety. While dark sunglasses for those who fear of light for a long time, or the pupil larger wear more sensitive to light. Sunglasses should be more cautious while wearing sunglasses can avoid uv rays, but the driver also beware: dark sunglasses would light surrounding the object 'filter', let the driver illusion, and dangerous. So, wear sunglasses when driving, should consciously limit speed, observe the driving environment, so as not to cause traffic accidents. Where the tunnel entrance and the light changes greatly, when strong light during the day it seems to be the same distance, and in the dark environment, will feel is much easier to for the car when the driver of the conductor and the distance between each other, with the car distance illusion, so the pilot sunglasses should be more careful when through the tunnel, so as not to cause accident.
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