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In the summer of 'sunglasses syndrome'

by:Eugenia     2020-07-15
Every summer, people wear sunglasses, some people even put myopia glasses also changed the color lens, day and night to wear on the eye; Some young people in pursuit of fashion is more, the sunglasses as a kind of adornment, mh, eye lens. The sweltering heat of summer, wearing sunglasses can not only beautify people's image, also can prevent the stimulation of thermal radiation and ultraviolet light, avoid and reduce the strong sunlight damage to the eyes. But only reasonable choice and wear sunglasses for eye protection, unreasonable use over time can make vision loss, blurred vision, severe headache, dizziness, vertigo can be created and can't long wait for a symptom, medical experts will be referred to as the 'syndrome' and the symptoms. Recommended reading: different sunglasses, the beauty of the same research that lead to the cause of 'syndrome' and one of the following two aspects: one is for the big frame sunglasses its optical center distance is greater than the normal adults pupillary distance, at this point, the eyes to see the goal, to greatly strengthen the function of regulating work, over time, will cause the sunglasses syndrome. Second physiological anatomy shows that has a small hole at the bottom of the eyes, called orbit under the hole, the hole is an important nerve branches, namely under the orbit of the trigeminal nerve. It is distributed in the mouth crack palpebral fissure between the skin and nasal, head of feeling function. Because of the weight of the sunglasses and circle focus lens under the orbital nerve compression, and leads to the discomfort of nerve distribution area, longer duration of wear glasses, can appear local numbness, dull skin, paresthesia, eye fatigue and other symptoms. Prevention of sunglasses syndrome, a correct selection and reasonable use of sunglasses, don't choose a big frame glasses. Because this kind of frame is more import, is designed according to foreigners face, and our country most adults double pupil distance is less than the imported optical center distance, big frame glasses to wear the glasses will greatly increase the burden of eyeball regulating function, damage eyesight. As for street stalls selling cheap sunglasses, very rough, lens thickness is different, color is uneven, the optical performance is very poor, after wearing easy cause headache, eye pain, fatigue, discomfort, often wear this kind of inferior sunglasses, easily lead to decreased vision. Second, as far as possible, don't wear large sunglasses. Must wear to shorten the time to the mirror, mirror picked along the eye box, on both sides of the nose with the palm massage after 10 ~ 20 times, once appear, the wear mirror syndrome, should stop wearing. And vitamin B1, B6, AD pills, local hot compress and physical therapy, acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, massage, etc. Minor symptoms stop wearing lens commonly 2 ~ 4 weeks later, can be gradually disappear. Severe symptoms shall promptly to the hospital inspection treatment.
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