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In the summer to give you a warm red frame

by:Eugenia     2020-07-30
Summer arrived, a passionate summer what color do you think? The red is warm? Warm red is your love? So what is the distinguishing feature of children's shoes like the red glasses? And see it together. Sunglasses factory 50001 red C12 plank leisure all yards neutral myopia frame red represents the lucky and happy, enthusiastic, bold and unrestrained, passion, morale, revolution. Symbolism in many countries and some ethnic, red to expel evil function. In ancient China, for example, many palaces and temples are red, the wall of the officers, residence, clothing is given priority to with red, known as 'zhu' 'tin'. Sunglasses factory sheet 2167 C6 red tide models all yards neutral myopia frame in Chinese traditional culture, the fire in the five lines of color is red, gossip from divination symbol in red; Because red is easy to attract the attention of people, so many warning label in red text or image. For example, red stop in the traffic lights. Sagawa fujii plank + alloy 81232 C221 red tide neutral myopia frames were red as blood, danger and terrorist color; Red is often used to symbolize the revolution in politics as well as the left, used to represent the communist communist countries; Red can arouse people considered male hormone secretion, so in sports wear red clothing to get better grades; Traditionally in China, red is festival, said such as at weddings and Spring Festival are like decorated with red; Red color of love. Four types of red respectively as follows: 1. Red: happy, auspicious, lively, smart Chinese have a kind of firecracker full-bodied red, set up very loud and clear, after put the land red skin, very happy. During the Spring Festival folk many homes and shops are like setting off firecrackers, 'dahongpao' at the gate to celebrate the New Year, the festival. Is also in the future days can have a hope of 'prosperous'. Ms ports plank POF13413RD red leisure sheet general myopia frame 2. Scarlet: love is enthusiastic, mature, deep, deep red is on the basis of the original red reduced and lightness, the brightness changes in the red series. Lightness is low. This kind of color combination as the lightness of the dark, is easier to make deep, bitterness the story of the atmosphere. Message is sedate, mature and noble feelings. The sunglass factory FB5036 wine red C12 code all box plate neutral myopia spectacle frame 3. Peach: enthusiasm, free and easy, easy, gorgeous a little deeper than the pink peach is a symbol of feminine enthusiasm and compared with the romance of pink, pink is the colour of a more free and easy, easy. Sunglasses factory FG60008 wine red C105 pure titanium business all yards neutral myopia frame 4. Pink: gentle, tender, simple but elegant, romantic pink is a kind of a mixture of red and white color, also usually has been described as pink. Pink symbol tender, sweet, romantic, no pressure, can soften the attack, appease fickleness. When authority is required, should not be wearing the pink of large area, and the need to match with other more authoritative feeling color do. Red red represents the lucky and happy, enthusiastic, bold and unrestrained, passion, morale, revolution. Character in the color represents positive and active, open, warm, happy to communicate with people's character.
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