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Individual glasses is not the same as the art of living

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
Xiali is may think international famous clock and watch, jewelry and glasses design masters, he had a very strong emotions for art, so he created the brand will also be art culture and commodity, the combination of art to show the different life. Characteristics of brand glasses - — 18 k gold frame xiali cover glasses have a special attention to the characteristics of the 18 k gold frame, it is made of 18 k gold forging, with 75% of the value, by the Japanese arts and crafts master of pure handmade. Produce elegant frame drawing effect, is the embodiment of the wearer exalted. Because the gold has permanent preservation effect again at the same time, the glasses like arts and crafts is very worthy of collection. Characteristics of brand glasses - — This pure titanium frame glasses made of pure titanium forging, inherits the properties of pure titanium, light weight, non-corrosive, not allergic, high temperature resistant, impact resistant. On the design adopted the simple modelling, is low-key luxury. Mirror legs delicate LOGO, also USES the art of the individual brand elements - — Wire rope lines, the overall design of quiet but yet young, very suitable for the success of the business men over 35 years old. Characteristics of brand glasses - — Leisure such frames using advanced epoxy resin, light weight, not changeful form, color is very rich, and it's durable at the same time. Again, it still is a blend of brand on the glasses art elements - — Wire rope lines, full of artistic temperament. The combination of different lines, color, material, reflect individual character, the characteristics of young, but don't feel giddy. High quality glass frame recommendation: sunglasses factory FB0031 unisex eyeglass frame C01 bright black sunglasses factory FB0023 unisex eyeglass frame C1 black
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