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International brand sunglasses Caponi neon accidentally by reputation 'the light of Asia'

by:Eugenia     2020-08-12
Have seen their friends who go on star photos should be easy to understand, a pair of sunglasses full of fashionable feeling can easily let the stars concave out different fashion designs. So who is this year popular Asian international brand sunglasses? The answer is Caponi. Online search angelababy sunglasses, li yi feng with sunglasses and so on, we can easily find the most popular sunglasses brand information. Speaking of Caponi popular reason, have to boil down to that year that was han - — You from the stars. In the star you ', not only fire up those expensive coat, and change the pattern Caponi sunglasses thousands of praise, in the face. Since then, Caponi almost is South Korea's hottest fashion sheet is tasted, today's Caponi can even be called is Asia's most popular international brand sunglasses! It is worth mentioning that in China it also has a kind of 'nickname' - — Neon accidentally. International sunglasses brand - Caponi neon accidentally Caponi was quite a young brand, it is no long history, but more like a thoughtful enterprising young man. Caponi to the inherent philosophy and value as the center to provide differentiated designs. From unfamiliar material and the design of the original art peaked personality to the product and daily, Caponi with its unique brand style, get more and more attention. Design style bold, bright color, deserve to act the role of element halfback, modelling, personality is distinct, anyway is a capital of fashion! And such a high pretend bility of international brand sunglasses, prices are unusually populist. In domestic entertainment, Caponi li yi feng same sunglasses figure are everywhere. While in South Korea, quan zhixian, yoon eun hye, 4 minutes Xuan, my everything, ji chang wook, wonderful radio and exobiology is such as the great are the brand's loyal fans. Caponi markets in Europe and the United States also has star, Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff, Jennifer Garner and Paris Hilton have been worn Caponi sunglasses. Imagine the stars as a fashion temperament? Then from li yi feng same sunglasses Caponi begin! Li yi feng same sunglasses Caponi CBSENTE 01 first let's watch Caponi's ten thousand classic CBSENTE, wide edge frame design has greatly increased the overall sense of design, it is more suitable for girls and the face of the smaller boys. Metal legs have qualitative feeling very much, the whole sunglasses appear very dignified. It is worth mentioning that better burleigh sunglasses as a whole is very suitable for Asian face, using the highest quality lenses and material is made, comfort is a cinch, long wear also won't have discomfort. Overall, Caponi sunglasses price relative to other brands better ~ Caponi CIDI D 01 ( 6M) CIDI D model is the square shape of ordinary but again, as one of Caponi star products, also be more everyday classic a sunglasses. Li yi feng choice Caponi sunglasses hobby basic Caponi CAISER li yi feng 01 paragraphs with dark glasses and a basic Caponi THE CREAMER 01 need sunglasses block face friend, might as well can watch CAISER and THE CREAMER. Caiser integral partial square, square sunglasses biggest advantage is to - — Cover the face! Basic don't pick people, all face shape can be control. Mercury mirror surface and nearly square styles complement each other, cool! Mercury mirror used as makeup mirror, it is more convenient, lazy lazy people have called ~ as for The Creamer, The sunglasses are very neutral, is arguably The most don't pick a person, who take handsome. Neon accidentally glasses more clear than Caiser edges and corners, covered face and making a better effect, and is especially suitable for square face and a round face. Summer wear we usually partial bright color, purple lens enough bright eye again, for the overall look have the effect that make the finishing point. Star love Caponi blue mirror is also from The Creamer. Caponi LOVE CUNCH 02 Caponi LOVE CUNCH 03 LOVE CUNCH is Caponi sunglasses very individualize, mainly win in its design, the price is slightly higher. Super beauty for frame, oval face, turns head high. Love Cunch a total of three colors: black, silver, gold, one silver, gold is glaring mirror. Now that is personality don't low-key black, so the silver and gold how to choose the more suitable for yourself? Is very simple, if you think they normally wear golden jewelry look better, then gold frame sunglasses also must be your choice, silver in the same way. Say so many, if you are still in the struggle, the simple and crude, buy! This article is from the south enterprise news, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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