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Inventory loves the temperamental star frame glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Frame glasses has been not only used as a tool of correctional myopia, it is also a lot of trendy grooming tool. Choose to suit their own picture frame, can let your temperament and grade greatly improve! Below we see love picture frame together several star temperament! 1, zhou xun: the 'elder brother' has always been to individuality, neuter is known. Worked with zhang ziyi, zhao wei, xu jinglei is referred to as the 'four', 'media and. The rapid elder brother, the actress, who love a pair of frame glasses covered face, not only reveal their personality traits, can also be concave shape, reduction of age oh, let you into a beautiful girl! 2, Cecilia liu: the popularity of beauty, the actress award after zhou xun and Angelababy, Yang mi and NiNi was named the new 'four', 'on the mainland. Low-key pure Cecilia liu also often wears a pair of framework. In an interview, she said, who loved a glasses, because people are lazy, glasses easily modify modelling, and it is easy to match! ! ! ! She was still as spokesperson for vogel glasses, glasses more intimate contact with yourself. 3, fan bingbing: in the entertainment industry has always been to 'fan bingbing' for the gossip, news English conversation, who is also a frame glasses, sunglasses and carrots. Horizontal roof fan bingbing in appearance, with black box there is a low-key composed, a little less light, a little more inner temperament, added more gentle and kindness. 4, b: the hot hand the characters in the 'super girls', is the black box covered face since debut. Handsome neutral wind, low-key dress up, give her a pair of glasses added a lot of lively intellectual atmosphere. She appeared at the same time, also promote the boom frame glasses.
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