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Inventory of entertainment 'wearing dark sunglasses' super 7 big goddess of beauty

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
We all know that the entertainment circle of the actress who all love sunglasses, whether to attend the activity or encounter at the airport, is a pair of sunglasses. So small make up take you take stock in the entertainment industry today wear 'sunglasses' super 7 big goddess of beauty! Liyan tong liyan tong, xibo nationality, was born on August 8, 1984 in ili in xinjiang, China mainland actress. Liyan tong is a appearance gentle, considerate, the heart is very strong, independent of a true goddess. Especially recently in the face of marriage, she has also been silent on the outside. April 30 in the evening, liyan tong on weibo bask in beauty as a group to travel to the Great Wall, liyan tong sitting on the steps of the Great Wall in the photo, wearing sunglasses and cap, show a pair of long legs. Leisure dress up without losing your pure, pictures are beautiful, won fans consistent praise. Ray-ban RB3447 sunglasses 002/40 black/dazzle colour blue chip liyan tong has a beautiful big eyes, small frame, high stand nose, sweet dimples and cute canine teeth. Wearing sunglasses is the classic round box all amazing! The net friend call, yy is really so beautiful. AngelababyAngelababy, han nationality, was born on February 28, 1989, in Shanghai, Chinese film and television actress, fashion models. Angelababy has both Chinese classical beauty of elegance and nobility of western women. Like her, wearing very rocks a 'glasses'. Tiffany tang YC9717 men sunglasses sunglasses factory C03 black/lenses grey tiffany tang, han nationality, was born on December 6, 1983 in Shanghai, China's film and television actress. Tiffany tang played many different types of roles, and sometimes beautiful sexy, sometimes cold evil spirit be puzzled, sometimes sweet and lovely, like a 'girl, are very beautiful. But privately, you have to ask tiffany tang's favorite fashion item is what? So sure sunglasses. Because whether it is a mirror, go shopping or take, tiffany tang fei is always inseparable from the sunglasses. Here there may be some netizens feel strange, why tiffany tang so like to wear sunglasses? Don't just to block makeup without makeup? Of course not! Because big sunglasses in addition to being able to help her eye protection, prevent bask in, also can have the effect of a modified face. As a result, we often see her in private servers of tiffany tang coat + sunglasses out of the door, contracted and fashionable! Cecilia liu Cecilia liu, the hui nationality, was born on March 10, 1987 in Beijing, Chinese film and television actress. Cecilia liu is a new generation of actress, is the representative figure of the most successful. She began to learn ballet as a child, classical elegant temperament is like nature itself. She not only appearance, temperament is more elegant and noble, the most important thing is that she has the undisputed acting talent! And sunglasses Cecilia liu have feminine taste extremely, the colour of glasses dynamic, this glasses is the charm of Cecilia liu acme. L l, han nationality, was born on August 25, 1987 in hubei wuhan, Chinese film and television actress and pop singer. With super, luxuriant, elegant, noble qualities, to describe l fitting! While wearing black-rimmed glasses she also particularly beautiful, and a school of 'fairy attack'. L similar style sunglasses bea Hayden bea Hayden, han nationality, was born on January 16, 1984, Taipei, Taiwan Chinese film and television actress, plane model. Bea Hayden mainly because of the famous yi da advertising and known by everyone. At the same time it also impressed her become what we think of 'good girl'. Bea Hayden has a quarter of American descent, with stunning appearance and outstanding temperament became the queen Taiwanese print advertising. Deep and delicate facial feature, serene smile shyly, waterfall, black straight hair, a quiet and mysterious temperament, the beautiful image. Her sunglasses dust is dye-in-the-wood. At that time, the net friend evaluation: 'the husband you are beautiful', 'you are my sunshine', 'feel the husband have a partner is kind of' sin. Li Qinli ooze, han nationality, was born on September 27, 1990, in suzhou city, jiangsu province, China, film and television actress. Li Qin in 90 after the actress, is one of the most classic temperament. Kunqu opera was born of her, temperament has traditionally conservative side, and have lasting appeal. Sunglasses, she looks special aesthetic fashion. Dark glasses as a cool the necessary sheet is tasted, not only can it naturally has the effect of thin face, can instantly improve your fashion degree. Therefore, female stars out of the street, always little not a stylish rocks a pair of sunglasses, both can show face small and instant aura roof. They put on sunglasses is different! If you want to change, to chooses a fashionable sunglasses sunglasses glasses factory network!
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