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Inventory seaside resort of sunscreen artifact sunglasses ranks first

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
Sorching summer, the beach holiday pastime became the good choice, but the sun is so hot, how can never sun protection line? What artifacts are required to do is prevented bask in? According to the statistics sunglasses charting the oh! 01 sunglasses is essential artifact of the seaside holiday, its primary function is to protect the window of the soul - — The eyes from strong sunlight exposure, it always bright and clear. Wide lenses to a certain extent, resist ultraviolet ray, make the area around the eyes are not sunburn, but also can make your eyes from uv rays. 02 is prevented bask in the best way is to package the whole body, but it's too hot, how to do? , known as the air conditioning of the flax is one of the most appropriate choice! Indoor, take off your coat, wear vest dress, simple and convenient for activities; Outside, put on your coat, let skin from ultraviolet light. 03 dress shin guards, long-sleeved protective sleeve, in fact, exposed the longest is face, and her face was the key to the high level of appearance, so, the beach on vacation, a sun hat is indispensable, match again a long printing beach dress, don't have a beauty! 04 pick sun hat, the length of the brim is very important, which determines how many and can block the light cover the size of the face. Partial long brim BianShi bending, lotus leaf edge, high-grade breathable mulberry silk, gently beautiful romantic light pink, pretty and lovely bowknot every advantage is a reason to fall in love with it. Seaside holiday polarized sunglasses 05 though to go to the beach, very excited excited, but in the morning before going out, prevent bask in work must be in place! This sunscreen, not only thin and not greasy, and moisturizing effect is very good, beauty makeup is prevented bask in balance, in the morning to go out to come back at night, 10 hours need not apply the second time, let you feel free to play.
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