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Inventory some sunglasses in Hollywood movies

by:Eugenia     2020-09-02
When it comes to the classic of Hollywood movies, you might be gushing said a few days, like a good hard to forget and the fashionable element in the movie. Is often a lot of model is the one in the movie when became a fashion in the eternal classic. Beyond those beautiful clothes, of course, some accessories that grabs an eye has become the classic symbol in the movie - — Such as sunglasses. Happened to be at this time of the spring, the sunlight is dazzling sand slightly larger, sunglasses become indispensable necessary sheet is tasted. Audrey Hepburn ( 奥黛丽·赫本) In the film breakfast at tiffany's '( 蒂凡尼的早餐) Still, 1961) Susan sarandon ( Susan Sarandon) In the movie of the flower '( 塞尔玛& 露易丝) Still, 1991) Susan Sarandon expressed in the film of flower type cat's eye sunglasses match turban dress up in fashion set off a craze that restore ancient ways, the '60 s style of silk scarves foil type cat's eye sunglasses particularly outstanding, and the way of mixing, and at the time after the popular trend of has a far-reaching influence. Patricia arquette ( Patricia Arquette) (in the film 'breaking big malefic' 真正的浪漫) Still, 1993) Patricia arquette ( Patricia Arquette) (in the film 'breaking big malefic' 真正的浪漫) 'Trashy' garbage in style became a focal point of the film, blue lens sunglasses is impressive, but this style of sunglasses in today also is a fashion item. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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