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Inventory who attend huang xiaoming's wedding 'black regiment

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
Must first visiting this two days by huang xiaoming and angelababy wedding messages dazed brush friends circle of friends and weibo homepage, second or want honesty sincerity to send blessings to the hierarch and baby, two new wedding day! From love to marriage, two people experience for six years. Leader to embrace get beauty return, the amount of energy and financial resources can be numbered, with such a long foreplay groundwork, this sprint after wedding, is bound to be a well packaged. It is said that the floral contracted by the fauvism, the wedding is so far China's massive wedding arrangement. In addition to luxury facilities, powerful stars squad is extremely shocked. The day also is a star-studded Shanghai airport, and all the stars in the airport, all black super covered face handsome, all go to huang xiaoming baby wedding. Red carpet way is enough to rival film festival, li, Lin, shu qi, gao, zhao and katyn, zhang jie, lin2 xin such as, zhang jizhong, hu jun, li yapeng, liu tao, such as stars gathered, sammo hung couple, daughter Angela leong, Mrs King, Charles heung family, such as Hong Kong emperor group President also greeted. Original one and a half hours to the red carpet, fully took nearly two hours. Du Chun huang xiaoming, and serve as a groomsman. Tan Jingsu facial appearance, but dazzle colour sunglasses very dazzing. Li yapeng sunglasses, arrived in Shanghai to huang xiaoming wedding alone. Huang yi and his daughter arrived at hongqiao airport, she dressed wore a small black hat and sunglasses fashion modeling, daughter sat trolleys sunglasses play wave star quality. Jingboran a pair of black in the Shanghai airport to attend the wedding yuelun wang arrived in Shanghai airport wearing Angela Huang Bo wearing Chinese robes sunglasses small shenyang wedding and li yundi two black men in han hong and zhao red carpet pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn recommended fashion sunglasses: sunglasses factory 9803 c2 frame gun lens grey frog mirror polarized sunglasses sunglasses anta AT8005C1 fashion sunglasses big black box polarized sunglasses
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