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Is femtosecond myopia surgery safe? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-26
Myopia surgery is a method of correcting vision accepted by many myopia patients, and because current myopia surgery has more advantages than traditional myopia surgery, more and more people want to change their vision through myopia surgery. But there are still some concerns about myopia surgery, so let's take a look at the safety of femtosecond myopia surgery. Femtosecond myopia surgery uses a femtosecond laser to make the corneal flap, and then polishes the corneal stromal layer with an excimer laser. Femtosecond laser and excimer laser myopia surgery are inseparable. Because in femtosecond laser myopia surgery, the accuracy of the corneal flap can be controlled within 10-15 microns, and the accuracy is relatively high. When the 'femtosecond laser' makes the corneal flap, the thickness, diameter, shape, position of the corneal flap pedicle and the width of the pedicle can be individually set, which can be controlled by a computer program, which can precisely open the molecular chain of the eye tissue , The produced corneal flap is relatively uniform and perfect. No one dares to say that there is nothing wrong with surgery. As a medical surgery, there are certain risks. Moreover, there are also factors affecting femtosecond myopia surgery, such as the level of experience of the doctor, which has an impact on the complex or special problems that arise during the operation. Other factors, including medical equipment, and some technologies that are not particularly advanced, have a relatively large impact on the later stage. In addition, surgical services and other related issues will have an impact. Personal problems, some people with myopia have no problem at first after femtosecond myopia surgery, but after a period of time, they may have problems such as vision loss. Therefore, it is necessary to take a comprehensive view of femtosecond myopia surgery.
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