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Is high myopia surgery harmful to the eyes? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-25
Patients with myopia can be divided into three categories: mild myopia, moderate myopia, and high myopia, if they are classified according to their refractive power. Among them, high myopia refers to the degree of myopia above 600 degrees, which can cause symptoms such as eye axis lengthening, retinal degeneration, and choroidal atrophy. Therefore, the use of surgery to treat high myopia has generally become one of the more commonly used treatments for patients with high myopia. So, is high myopia surgery harmful to the eyes? Let's take a look together. For high myopia surgery, the most commonly used in the market is excimer laser treatment for myopia surgery. However, for patients with high myopia, because the cornea is already very thin, it is not suitable for excimer laser myopia surgery. Because the principle of this kind of surgery is to adjust the diopter by cutting the cornea, and then has the effect of treating myopia. Therefore, it will cause certain damage to the cornea and cause a variety of eye diseases. 1. Because the surgery for treating myopia will flatten and thin the cornea, but the cornea will be squeezed by the pressure inside the eye for a long time, and the cornea will bulge forward. Later, it will lead to postoperative sequelae, such as glaucoma and high intraocular pressure. 2. Myopia laser surgery, like wearing frame glasses, is to control vision by adjusting the focus, but the surgery has already interrupted the molecules of the cornea. Therefore, although the treatment effect is good, myopia can be corrected, but sometimes it can cause vision aggravation, which in turn causes irreversible astigmatism in the eyes. 3. During the operation, some doctors want to completely correct myopia, so they will cut the cornea very thin, sometimes causing intracorneal hemorrhage, leading to neovascularization, and later causing fundus hemorrhage and other undesirable consequences. Surgery for high myopia can cause many eye diseases. Compared with wearing frame glasses, although the effect is better before the operation, it will cause many sequelae after the operation, and sometimes cause vision aggravation. Therefore, it is not recommended to perform myopia surgery. You can wear moderately framed glasses to control the development of vision and improve vision.
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