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Is high myopia surgery safe? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-25
Myopia surgery is a good thing for some people who want to restore a good vision, but it is also worrying, after all, surgery is also risky. Especially for patients with high myopia, the desire to take off their glasses is also very urgent, and there are many people who restore their vision through surgery. So, is surgery for high myopia safe? Let’s find out together. Due to the high degree of myopia patients, some traditional LASIK surgery and ordinary femtosecond laser surgery are not suitable for some people. For those patients with more than 800 degrees, they are also called super high myopia, and ICL surgery is generally recommended. , this is because those common myopia surgeries are likely to cause poor vision, and the possibility of myopia surgery rebound is also high. ICL surgery is one of the ways to correct vision, and it can correct vision very well for patients with super high myopia. ICL surgical lens implantation, the intraocular lens is implanted in the anterior chamber (or posterior chamber) of the patient's phakic eye to maintain the natural adjustment function of the lens, and can adjust the refraction at the same time, from a tiny incision during the operation An intraocular lens is implanted into the eye to correct vision. Preoperative examination for myopia surgery is important, as is high myopia. Although high myopia surgery avoids damage to the cornea and does not require postoperative sutures, the risks of myopia surgery still exist, and due to individual factors, not all people are suitable, and not all people can To restore better vision, therefore, high myopia surgery also needs to be cautious.
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