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Is it better to wear contact lenses or frame glasses for myopia? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-19
If myopia cannot correct my vision, it is indeed very inconvenient, and it will also affect daily work and so on. There are a variety of different types of glasses, whether it is contact lenses or framed glasses, we can directly buy them through the Internet. The quality of glasses on professional platforms is still quite good. But after all, myopia needs to correct our vision, so should we choose contact lenses, or should we choose frame glasses directly? Choose according to your own needs. In fact, it’s okay for myopic friends to wear contact lenses or frame glasses. If we say that our profession has certain requirements for appearance, especially many female friends require makeup to work, then it is definitely It is better to wear contact lenses. And if we don't have any requirements, in fact, frame lenses and contact lenses are all available, as long as the degree is appropriate. We can also buy suitable glasses, and the price will be more favorable. Choose according to the application environment. Sometimes going out, especially to amusement parks, etc., in fact, it is really not suitable to use framed mirrors, which is inconvenient and a little dangerous. And if it is a daily office, often facing the computer, then it is more suitable to use a framed mirror, if the lens has a certain anti-blue light effect, it would be better. This way, the wearing comfort is higher, and it can also resist fatigue. In fact, office workers spend too much time facing the computer every day, so they are not very suitable for wearing contact lenses. Choose based on comfort. Many people are prone to allergic eyeballs, or have a thin cornea, so you may not be suitable for wearing contact lenses. But the condition of the eyes itself is good, so by buying some comfortable contact lenses with very good oxygen permeability, the effect of wearing them is also very good. As long as we choose the right glasses according to our actual needs, there will be no problems in daily wear.
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