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Is it credible to wear cosmetic contact lenses for eye stones?_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-09
There are more and more people wearing beauty contact lenses. Many colleagues around me wear beauty contact lenses to work. However, some netizens have recently exposed that wearing beauty contact lenses is suffering from eye stones. It frightened many Amy ladies. Does wearing beauty contact lenses really cause eye stones? Eye stones mostly occur in the elderly or patients with conjunctivitis. People with eye stones will have a foreign body sensation in the eyes and need medical tools to remove them; and eye stones are also related to human metabolism. If human secretions are not metabolized in time, eye stones will also occur, so it is not true and there is no direct relationship between wearing beauty contact lenses and suffering from eye stones. However, if you don't pay attention to hygiene when wearing contact lenses, it is very likely to cause eye inflammation and cause this disease. When inflammation occurs, the epithelial tissue or mucous secretions that fall off the conjunctiva accumulate on the conjunctival epithelium. After a long time, 'stones' will be formed. This 'stone' has little or no calcification and is not a true stone. Compared with contact lenses, the oxygen permeability of color lenses is worse; many people worry that the contact between the lens and the conjunctiva will irritate the eyelids and lead to increased secretions. Once small particles or dust enter the eyes, they will combine with intraocular substances and secretions. , Over time, it is easy to form eye stones. How to prevent eye stones caused by wearing beauty contact lenses? 1. Although it has not yet been determined whether wearing beauty contact lenses will actually cause eye stones, it is best to go to an eye doctor for an eye examination before wearing beauty contact lenses to make sure there is no keratitis in the eyes , conjunctivitis and other eye diseases, you can wear it, otherwise it is easy to wear eye stones. Second, go out as little as possible to spend heavy makeup on the eyes. If the work requires, the makeup must be cleaned, otherwise it is easy to infect the eye inflammation and cause eye stones. 3. Turn on the air conditioner in summer to make the room dry. You can properly drop some eye drops to moisturize the eyes to relieve eye fatigue and dry eyes and prevent eye stones. Fourth, pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the lenses. After removing the beauty contact lenses every day, the lenses must be cleaned; but the lenses cannot be cleaned with normal saline. Not only does normal saline have no bactericidal effect, but it is also easy to breed bacteria and cause eye infections. 5. To ensure the replacement of beauty contact lenses, there will be many microbial residues on the lenses no matter how they are maintained and cleaned. Even if it is not worn often; but the lens material will get old after a period of time. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the lenses are replaced from time to time, to ensure the health of wearing, and to avoid eye damage. 6. Long-term wearing of beauty contact lenses will make the eyes hypoxic and easily cause eye inflammation, so it is recommended to wear a pair of frame glasses; frame glasses and beauty contact lenses are used alternately, so as to better protect our eyes.
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