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Is it good to wear glasses for myopia? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-07
For glasses, some people like it, and many myopic patients hate it. Many people think that wearing glasses will deepen myopia, and some people will feel that wearing glasses is not good-looking, wearing glasses will cause eye deformation and so on. For the quality of glasses, everyone has their own evaluation, let's take a look at whether the glasses are good or not. From the perspective of people who need to correct vision, glasses can correct vision, and to a certain extent make up for the insufficiency of refraction, slow down the adjustment ability of the ciliary muscle, and slow down the development of myopia. is beneficial. Some patients will also be slanted or slanted. If you wear glasses, you can make the development of vision healthy, not let this situation continue. Thus, glasses are beneficial in many ways. The deepening of myopia has a great relationship with the unscientific use of the eyes and the lack of attention to protecting the eyes, and has nothing to do with glasses. On the one hand, the reason for the deformation of the eyes that everyone thinks is visual illusion, and the other big reason is that the degree of myopia deepens and the axial length of the eye grows, which is common in high myopia. Some people think that after wearing glasses, they can't be taken off. In fact, it is also wrong. Generally, if you have mild myopia, if you take good eye care, the degree will not increase, and the glasses can be taken off. For those with high myopia, glasses need to be worn all the time. From the perspective of flat mirrors, many flat mirrors are used for decoration, and some are used as eye protection. Glasses not only have different frame shapes and sizes, but also have soft and firm lines, which can play a role in modification. Many people buy glasses to modify the face shape on the one hand, and to follow the trend on the other hand. There are many functions of flat mirrors, some are windproof and sandproof, some are radiation-proof, and some are good UV-proof, etc., so they have a good protective effect on the eyes.
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