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Is it necessary to dilate pupils in children's optometry? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-24
In outpatient clinics, children with poor eyesight are often encountered. Many children need to undergo dilated optometry tests to facilitate the determination of the cause of poor eyesight. Parents and mothers of children are generally very worried and often ask the doctor: 'Is there any harm to the baby's eyes to do mydriasis test?1. The reasons for children's mydriatic optometry. In fact, children's mydriatic optometry is to use a common eye drops (cycloplegia) to control the muscles that make the pupils contract, paralyze the nerves, and dilate the pupils. Because the child’s eyes have a very strong accommodation ability, if the pupil dilation test is not performed, a large part of the eye power measured later is caused by self-regulation, which is what we often call pseudomyopia, but after the pupil dilation test , The pupil muscles have been paralyzed, and the accommodation cannot work. The power measured later is the true power of the child’s eyes. Second, mydriasis is divided into rapid mydriasis refraction and slow mydriasis mydriasis is divided into rapid mydriasis refraction and slow mydriasis. The difference between the two is that the drug used by the doctor for rapid mydriasis detection is tobiamide, and The drug for slow mydriasis is atropine. The rapid mydriasis test usually takes a few points within an hour to open the pupils. It usually takes about 6 hours to recover. For slow mydriasis, you usually need some medicine3 -5 days, it will take about 21 days to recover. Third, will mydriasis cause any greater harm to the eyes? In fact, mydriasis will not cause any harm if it is performed under the corresponding guidance of a doctor. The effect is just the opposite. Some children with pseudomyopia can check their eyesight through mydriasis to get a complete recovery. During the mydriasis detection, the child will have some blurry vision and fear of light. However, these phenomena are only temporary and will not cause any damage to the children’s eyes.
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