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Is it okay for contact lenses to have a lower degree than the actual degree? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-17
After all, everyone’s myopia is different, so if we want to buy the right contact lenses, we still have to consider the degree. Contact lenses in China generally have a difference of 25 degrees, so if we really want to choose a more suitable contact lens, we must also consider the degree of the situation. Is it okay if we choose contact lenses with a lower power than our own frame lenses? First, determine the degree of the rim lens because the degree of our rim lens is different, so you should definitely consider the degree of the rim lens when choosing contact lenses. Because many people may have deepened the refraction of the machine, but we can still see clearly with the framed mirror of the previous power, then there is no need to increase the power. Moreover, the degree of contact lens is different, and there will be some differences in the conversion of contact lens degree. It is also recommended that you determine your degree first. Second, choose the degree of contact lens according to the degree. Because in general, the degree of our contact lens can be reduced. After all, the position of wearing and the position from the eyeball are also different, and it is certainly impossible to be completely the same as the frame lens. But if the degree of myopia is below 400 degrees, there is actually no need to convert, so the selection of the degree can be done normally. And if it is less than 500 degrees, then the contact lens should be 25 degrees smaller than the frame lens power. If it is within 700 degrees, then you need to subtract 50 degrees before choosing contact lenses. Third, pay attention to the situation of astigmatism. Many contact lenses can be used for astigmatism. This is not only a choice for myopia, but there is no problem with astigmatism. You can choose contact lenses that meet your needs. But be sure to go to a regular hospital or optometry institution to determine your optometry first, and then choose the appropriate contact lens style. If it can be equipped with astigmatism contact lenses, then everyone can not ignore it.
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