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Is it okay to wear contact lenses to watch the computer? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-27
Wearing contact lenses has now become a fashion. Whether you don't like frame glasses or chasing fashion, it is undeniable that many people wear contact lenses in life. But what many people don't know is that contact lenses also have certain hidden dangers, especially those of the computer family. Let’s take a look at the computer with contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses on the eyes hinders breathing to a certain extent, and contact lens lenses made of materials with poor oxygen permeability are more likely to cause hypoxia in the cornea. If you face the computer for a long time, your eyes will be even more uncomfortable. If you wear contact lenses, your eyes blink less frequently, and the number of blinks per minute is reduced to 6 times. The consequence of this phenomenon is that the cornea is not moisturized, the surface of the eyeball is dry, conjunctival hyperemia, corneal damage and other symptoms appear. . And because the eyes are in a tight state when facing the computer for a long time, the eyes are prone to discomforts such as dry eyes and dry eyes. If the time is longer, it is easy to cause related eye diseases. Everyone knows that computers have radiation. If you wear contact lenses to look at the computer, in the long run, contact lenses are also receiving radiation. When contact lenses are exposed to radiation, to a certain extent, they will gradually decompose and deteriorate. The molecular variation of the original material will decompose into small molecules. Some will reach the lens through the lymphatic circulation and combine with the repair tissue of the lens to form a new one. polymer. A small amount of polymer will be discharged. If there are more polymers than the size of the discharge hole, these polymers will pile up in the crystal body and form cataracts. After wearing contact lenses and looking at the computer for a long time, the phenomenon of blurred eyes will appear. This is related to the lack of oxygen and dry eyes. It is also related to the cleanliness of the lens. The accumulation of long-term deposits causes the lens to become It's not that clear anymore. If you wear contact lenses and do not pay attention to hygiene, it is more likely to cause eye inflammation, and even serious eye diseases such as corneal ulcers.
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