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Is it okay to wear glasses for children with myopia? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-25
Myopia in children is a special concern for many parents. Because children are young, parents are worried that their eyesight will be worse in the future. Therefore, many parents do not recommend wearing glasses prematurely, while some think that glasses can better protect their eyesight. And some of myopia is accompanied by others, but reasonable glasses are better. Let’s take a look at the children’s myopia with glasses. Some children with myopia have pseudomyopia. This requires mydriasis and refraction. For pseudomyopia, glasses are not required. If it is true myopia, it depends on the actual situation of the individual, which affects the eye set and For the adjustment ability, glasses are required, otherwise it will affect the development of vision. Some children’s myopia is also accompanied by astigmatism, esotropia, and exotropia, which will seriously affect the usual eye use. Only reasonable glasses can be properly corrected, which is helpful for the development of vision. If this development continues, not only will life be affected, but the vision will not develop healthily. However, if the child has true myopia, if the degree is confirmed by mydriatic refraction and other refraction, it is necessary to have reasonable glasses. If this is done, it can relieve the tension of the muscles that control the ability to regulate and alleviate the development of myopia. Moreover, if you use your eyes properly, the power will generally not rise. Without glasses, your eyes will be in a tight adjustment state for a long time, your eyes are more prone to fatigue, and the degree of myopia will deepen faster, so you still need it when you need it. With glasses.
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