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Is it reliable to match glasses online? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-16
Matching glasses online is still very popular, especially for some women who love beauty, they have several different glasses in their hands, and it is also convenient to match clothes. However, many people will also have doubts. After all, the price of glasses on the Internet is really too low. Many websites even offer glasses directly for 50 yuan and free shipping. Such low-price temptation also makes many people have a certain degree. Questioned. So is there a guarantee for glasses on the Internet? Why do people always feel dizzy with online glasses? Many of my friends may have taken a fancy to the price discount through online matching of glasses, but I feel a headache when I get them back, so everyone will also be entangled. In fact, this is because our vision was not accurate at the beginning, especially when some friends went directly to the optical shop, and the vision was less than two minutes before and after. Maybe we have astigmatism and the other party has not detected it. How can this be accurate? The optometry is inaccurate, even if you wear glasses in a physical store, you may experience uncomfortable wearing. Are there many fakes online? Nowadays, many lenses and frames are provided by professional brand companies, and they also need to go through various inspections. Of course, everyone is also conscious that they must buy regular brand glasses, so that the glasses are safe. However, there are indeed many fakes on the Internet, and many merchants have found unqualified products. At this time, it is recommended to choose. Only when all products on the official website can be traced can we be more assured. Is there a more formal optician platform on the Internet? Everyone knows the importance of eyes and glasses. It is true that the prices on the Internet are favorable, and the other party does not have the overhead of a physical store, which can also save us a lot of money. We recommend everyone to choose. All products cooperated by the official website have corresponding test reports, and the brand guarantees first-hand supply, and the price is more favorable. Moreover, the platform provides good after-sales service. In fact, as long as we can cooperate with professional platforms, it is worth our peace of mind.
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