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Is myopia not presbyopic?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-06
Recently, many middle-aged and elderly people feel that their vision is a bit blurred when watching TV or newspapers. Then, after wearing glasses for myopia, they find that they see distant objects clearly and blurry when they see near objects. So, everyone doesn't know why, so let's return to our topic, is myopia not presbyopia? The answer to this question is yes, let's take a look together. Someone said before that reading glasses are a kind of convex lens, and myopia glasses are a kind of concave lens, so myopia and presbyopia are two completely different diseases. There is no relationship at all, so myopia will not age. In fact, this statement is completely incorrect. Presbyopia and myopia have nothing to do with lenses, but only with the refractive state of the eye, so presbyopia will occur in myopia. Is myopia not presbyopic? As we age, the human eye tissue structure will decline, and the protein fibers in the intraocular lens will be abnormal, resulting in loss of water, hard texture, and weakened accommodation. Causes the formation of presbyopia. Therefore, myopia patients will gradually appear with age, but a part of the presbyopia of myopia patients is just neutralized by myopia, so the age of presbyopia occurs later than normal people, and the myopia of presbyopia is also Will be relatively low. For example, if a myopic patient has a myopia degree of 600 and an aging degree of 200, he still needs to wear 600-degree myopia glasses when looking at a distant object, but he only needs to wear 400-degree myopia glasses when looking at a near object. Reading glasses are fine. Is myopia not presbyopic? Myopia can have presbyopia, so every patient with presbyopia should go to a professional optician for a vision check, such as an optician. It is better not to buy glasses directly. Otherwise it will cause eye damage. At the same time, presbyopia will increase with age, so it is necessary to replace moderate presbyopia glasses in time.
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