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Is myopia surgery okay, what are the dangers of myopia surgery? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-05
Myopia surgery is a new type of surgery developed by people to cure myopia, generally referred to as 'excimer laser myopia surgery.' Its appearance has helped many myopia patients, solved the problem of myopia, and facilitated people's work, study and life. So, how about myopia surgery? What are the harms of myopia surgery? This has always been a problem that people are more concerned about. The following editor will take you to find out. The advantage of myopia surgery is 'excimer laser myopia surgery'. Since 70% of the refractive power of the eye is present in the cornea, during the operation, the cornea is mainly cut, which reduces the cornea to a certain extent. The thickness of the cornea breaks the molecules between the corneal tissues, thereby reducing the refractive power of the eye in the cornea to achieve the effect of correcting myopia. This method and other methods of treating myopia are essentially effective in improving the vision of the eye, making the myopia disappear in the patient's eyes, and the treatment effect is very effective, and the durability can reach several years or even longer. What are the hazards of myopia surgery? Although the results of the surgery are very good, the original tissue and structure of the cornea have been changed during the operation. Although it is essentially the same as wearing 'frame glassesFor example: 1. Because the corneal myopia was cut, the corneal flexion and thickness were changed, which caused the cornea to be no longer flat and smooth. Therefore, in the long term, adverse reactions such as eye swelling, eye pain, and eye fatigue will occur. 2. Although the principle is the same as wearing “frame glasses”, it breaks the molecular chain between the cornea and makes the outer wall of the eyeball very thin, which can easily cause eye diseases such as glaucoma and high intraocular pressure. 3. There are no blood vessels in the cornea itself, but after the cornea is cut, hemorrhage will appear in the cornea, so that external substances cannot pass through the cornea into the eye. After long-term accumulation, there will be hemorrhage in the cornea. , The shaded part appears. Myopia surgery, also known as 'excimer laser myopia surgeryBut in terms of the tissue molecules of the eye itself, it has already caused damage to the cornea, changed the original state of the cornea, and caused the eyes to have different degrees of ocular diseases.
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