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Is myopia surgery painful?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-05
Myopia surgery is now one of the methods that many friends choose to correct myopia, and with the advancement of technology, myopia surgery has become more and more mature. The emergence of myopia surgery satisfies the requirement of many people not to wear glasses and achieves normal vision level. For myopia surgery, many people will ask if myopia surgery is painful. Let's learn about it together. Myopia surgery works accurately under the instructions of the computer, and it is accurate to the molecular level. The entire operation takes about 15 minutes, and the time is relatively short, and there is no obvious pain. Generally speaking, there may be mild discomfort after surgery, which will disappear in about 4-6 hours. During the myopia surgery, the face will be cleaned. Make-up is not allowed on the day of the surgery, so as to thoroughly clean the eyes, and the surrounding area will be disinfected. The conjunctival sac of both eyes will be rinsed with normal saline. For the purpose of complete cleaning, special anesthetics will be ordered for patients at the end, and myopia surgery will be performed only after the anesthesia takes effect. Therefore, myopia surgery procedure is not painful. Laser myopia surgery is performed on the cornea of u200bu200bthe eye. There are no blood vessels on the cornea, and there are abundant nerve endings on the surface. The nerve endings on the surface of the cornea can be anesthetized through anesthetics. During the entire laser surgery process , The patient is unconscious and feels no pain, and can go home after the operation. So the whole process is painless. There will be a slight foreign body sensation or tearing about half an hour after the operation, but it will soon disappear. Excimer laser myopia surgery is painless, but there are some uncomfortable feelings during the procedure. This uncomfortable feeling occurs twice: the first is when the eyelid opener is placed on the eye to facilitate the operation at the beginning of the operation, so that the patient cannot blink involuntarily. The second time was when the corneal flap was made, and it was also a little uncomfortable when the knife tip swiped lightly on the surface of the eye.
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