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Is myopia surgery without a knife okay? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-06
Bladeless myopia surgery is a femtosecond laser myopia surgery that is often mentioned in myopia correction surgery. Femtosecond laser myopia surgery is more popular with myopia patients because it is better than traditional laser myopia surgery. The same is true for knifeless myopia surgery. Let’s take a look at knifeless myopia surgery. 1. Knifeless myopia surgery is femtosecond laser myopia surgery Knifeless myopia surgery is a highly respected femtosecond laser myopia surgery. It mainly uses a kind of laser knife with very short pulse to make corneal flap, but the whole operation The procedure does not have a visible blade and is therefore known as bladeless surgery. In full femtosecond laser myopia surgery, corneal tissue is no longer used, but corneal tissue is separated by femtosecond laser scanning. Femtosecond laser can precisely open the molecular chain of eye tissue, and the corneal flap produced is more uniform and perfect. And the scope of femtosecond laser myopia surgery is wider. Second, not everyone can do myopia without a knife. Although femtosecond myopia surgery has its advantages, any surgery has contraindications, not everyone is suitable for femtosecond laser myopia surgery, such as corneal flap less than 470um Yes, keratoconus and other eye diseases and physical diseases are not suitable for laser surgery. Femtosecond laser surgery cannot produce ultra-thin corneal flaps, and the corneal flaps produced are also conventional corneal flaps, which are not suitable for people with high myopia and those with thinner corneal flaps. Moreover, since the femtosecond laser surgery requires the eyeball to be absorbed when the corneal flap is made by laser, this period of time is relatively long, which may cause incision bleeding, subconjunctival bleeding, and bubbles in the anterior chamber or under the epithelium, etc. Complications can affect the outcome of myopia surgery.
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