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Is the acrylic mirror clear? --Can TPE completely replace PVC for wire and cable?

by:Eugenia     2022-01-09
Introduction to the characteristics of PVC soft glue: PVC soft glue is a powdered polyvinyl chloride polymer with plasticizers and other components added to improve the plasticity of the material and reduce the hardness of PVC. The toxicity of PVC soft rubber is mainly due to plasticizers. At present, most PVC still uses DOP and other phthalates as plasticizers, which are cheap. However, DOP is considered to be very harmful to human health: scientific research has shown that the human body will cause shortness of breath and heart rate after inhalation and ingestion. If a large amount is absorbed, it may cause central nervous system disorders and gastrointestinal discomfort. If long-term exposure, men will be Women have an impact on their own physiology, and women have sexual deformities on their offspring, especially baby boys. The toy industry used to be an important application area of u200bu200bPVC, but with the stricter environmental protection directives issued by foreign countries, PVC materials are gradually restricted, such as EU EN71-3, REACH, o-benzene, PAHS testing for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and ASTM F963 testing for the United States. , PVC materials can not pass the test, and the use of TPE, TPR soft glue, is completely in line with the environmental protection test. Introduction to the basic characteristics of TPE soft rubber: It is a functional polymer material obtained by blending and modifying sebs elastomer as the base resin, adding other formula components. TPE material has the elasticity of rubber and the thermoplasticity of plastic, and through adjusting the formula, TPE materials with different hardness and physical properties can be obtained. TPE soft rubber can be injected directly to produce accessories that can replace rubber. Another major application of TPE soft glue is through formula adjustment, which can be combined with ABS, PP, PC, PC/ABS and other plastics. Meet the functional requirements of the product. TPE material can be extruded and is an ideal raw material for environmentally friendly high-grade low-pressure wire outer covers. In addition, it should be pointed out that the TPR mentioned by some customers, or the TPE modified with SEBS, is the same material or very similar, but the customer's name is not the same. We can easily understand the respective performance characteristics of TPE and PVC from the following performance comparison chart. The choice of PVC or TPE depends on the needs of various manufacturers. At present, 90% of the wire and cable products on the market use PVC as the protective layer. The main reason is that the PVC wire and cable material is simple, mature, and low-cost. It can produce products of different hardness and hardness, and the overall performance is better. However, PVC is not environmentally friendly. Many companies are still adding toxic substances (heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and chromium) and highly carcinogenic substances in the formulation process of producing PVC wire and cable materials. This phenomenon is particularly obvious in underdeveloped countries. The plasticizers added during the production of PVC are mostly environmental hormones, which affect development and fertility. There are many restrictive regulations on the use of PVC in the manufacturing materials of children's toys in Europe and the United States. Due to the serious unenvironmental protection of the production formula of PVC materials, many developed countries in the world no longer invest in PVC factories, and the existing production capacity is gradually decreasing. Experts pointed out that with the EU ROHS (a mandatory standard established by EU legislation, its full name is the 'Directive on Restricting the Use of Certain Hazardous Ingredients in Electronic and Electrical Equipment'), REACH (EU Regulations 'Registration of Chemicals' , Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction) The implementation of environmental protection laws and regulations, people's attention to the environment and life safety, and the increasing environmental protection requirements of electronic and living products, the application of PVC plastics will be more and more restricted. Therefore, the development of halogen-free flame-retardant environmentally friendly wire and cable is undoubtedly of great significance. At present, in the field of electronic wires, TPE materials have been considered by many professionals as the preferred material to replace PVC.
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