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It is necessary to take a pair of sunglasses in the summer?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
Many fashion workers will choose in the hot summer wear a pair of cool sunglasses and improve themselves in fashion. But many people think, I need a pair of sunglasses at ordinary times in the summer? I don't need a concave shape again. Small make up today will give you solve. Recommended reading: sunglasses factory really need sunglasses skills of choose and buy sunglasses? Normal eyes can adjust yourself to the light. Colored glasses main reason is that eyes feel uncomfortable, long-term work strong sunlight exposure and damage to the eyes. 'The ability to tolerate light each different. False if you want to squinting in the hot sun or often shed tears, then you should wear sunglasses. 'An eye doctor said such advice. Light hurt eyes shine. A person often activity in the hot sun, half will reduce his night vision in the night, so if it is a long walk or should wear sunglasses on the beach. But, unless due to pathological conditions required by the eye doctor to wear dark glasses, you do not to show Xiao wine or hide your eye diseases and always wear dark glasses. Hong Kong consumer council publication has warned that the often needlessly wear sunglasses will become addicted, want to don't wear during the day after will feel very uncomfortable cheap sunglasses can damage the eye? The simplest answer is: probably. Cheap colored lenses is blown, rather than grinding. Such and such problems are inevitable to the glass blowing. There are substandard sunglasses for sale. Retailers say the problem is very mild, ordinary people can't find. This kind of view specious. How much wrong with mild, eye muscle can adapt, and constantly adapt to, the result will cause the muscle and nervous fatigue. Dissolve the sun, of course, if you just doing, eye don't have to work, the problem wouldn't be so serious. But do you want to work in the open air, such as building, reading, playing tennis, long drive in the hot sun, your eyes is going up and down, left and right sides, from near to far activity, the whole range will use the lens, so poor quality continually to adapt to a pair of eyeglasses will have trouble.
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