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Italia Independent with swarovski elements of sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-29
Italian fashion glasses brand Italia Independent combined with leading global cutting swarovski crystal elements and jewelry makers, presents the new sunglasses series, both elegant and chic and unique charm design, shape capable, highly recognizable personality type. The launch, a total of three sunglasses, unique design with swarovski elements from Italia Independent 2014/15 autumn and winter new and important design series ─ ─ I - LUX。 太阳镜我- LUX | 0090 CV cooperation for the selected models adopt Italia Independent 'velvet' surface of the frame, the popular creative design in the near future gains the Italian version of the MIT technology review magazine award. New product including Italia Independent sales good two neutral design models 090 and 0903, as well as a 0904 model sunglasses designed for women. Three design frame adopts crack pattern, make use of this originally is widely used in household interior design style, give unusual unique leather texture to the surface of the frame. 太阳镜我- LUX | 0903 CV velvet frames decorated with new swarovski elements - — Swarovski ShiYue 1088, in the Austrian company, under the unremitting efforts and research of ShiYue has become an important milestone of swarovski elements. With glittering in the bright sky, Sirius ShiYue to build a new generation of enduring, special aesthetic design and constant long long of crystal elements, send out a comparable with diamonds and dazzing ray of light. Every single crystal element on the surface of the frame after hot melt process manually set, to display the pursuit of detail process to the high standards. 太阳镜我- LUX | 0904 CV the co-operation of the sunglass, there are as many as 88 kinds of colors to choose from, rich colors, color variety. Bright and attractive swarovski elements for Italia Independent designer provides an opportunity to show the unique creative design, with shining warm velvet combination of elements, fusion of the charming style at the same time, also the perfect collocation of carefully selected high quality lenses. Sunglasses color from the classic black, bright blue to ruby, provide a wide variety of color selection, follow selection. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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