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Jessica BLANC&ECLARE under its own brand name sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
Recent 'day day up' invited the south Korean actress Jessica Jessica to attend the show, 'the little brother every day' Zeng Shunxi shes ernie phase by our show, and wore a personally designed by Jessica's sunglasses, looks very handsome. In fact, as early as Jessica BLANC& under its own brand name; ECLARE to just come out soon, get good grades. When open a flash shop in Seoul, Jessica brand sunglasses only sales of 10 million won (in 1 hour $5. 60000 yuan) 。 Small make up to lead everyone to see these popular six big sunglasses. Mirror as the name implies, it is called 'New York' sunglasses is a joker, classic and mystery. Modern a pilot glasses. 'Hong Kong' is one of the essentials of men and women be cool. 'Paris' is one of series of classic sunglasses, cat's eye shape more its youth adds a flavor. 'Seoul' classic shape with classic lens, nobleness and luxury color, absolutely fashionable joker. 'Shanghai' sunglasses soft and round lens embedded in large size picture frame, very good-looking. 'Tokyo' unusual fashion, serrated let its unique shape. This is just a small make up the interception of some products, you can go to a website, if want to know also, our glasses sunglasses factory network sunglasses also have with the match, to look at a map details ~ grey sunglasses YC9010hb female money ray-ban sunglasses factory RB4225 men sunglasses
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