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Jiangnan style bird black sunglasses as symbol of tertiary

by:Eugenia     2020-08-17
Jiangnan Style the song let PSY bird uncle and his horse dancing all over the world, careful attention to bird uncle is dressed up, it is not difficult to find that PSY also has his own Style in fashion. No matter, how many colors, his suit transform collocation is brock shoes. It originates from the 16th century England brock shoes but gentleman status symbol, regain the favor of the fashion world now! So where charm originated? The jiangnan Style let PSY bird uncle all over the world, many people believe that 'the jiangnan Style' is on the south Korean society kua fu, the irony of the gap between rich and poor. The south Korean capital, Seoul, jiangnan region is all south Korean man's rich, 'jiangnan' therefore is regarded as synonymous with South Korea 'fashion' and 'rich'. Birds and tertiary dress is composed in the MV coexist, especially those same block shoes still have that pair of iconic black sunglasses. The police ( POLICE) Sunglasses S8562N531 black, excellent quality, reveal big temperament! 8469 black sunglasses sunglasses factory, this glasses cool feels dye-in-the-wood, let you always be the focus. Title: jiangnan style bird uncle black sunglasses to be post signs: glasses sunglasses factory network
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