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Jiaojiang, the deputy had faked seized 7000 origin sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-11
On May 18, taizhou bureau of quality and technical supervision jiaojiang branch of law enforcement officers in the finished product warehouse in some glasses production enterprise within its jurisdiction seized nearly 7000 vice marked the & # 8220; ITLAY制造” Sunglasses products, the factory can't provide relevant formalities, the above products on the spot for forgery origin sunglasses products. Law enforcement officers on the seal to the batch of products in accordance with the law, for case do again after further investigation.
in recent years, it increased the glasses production enterprise law enforcement inspections, and actively guide enterprise management in accordance with the law, help establish credit files, to crack down on all kinds of glasses to illegal activities. At present, taizhou jiaojiang production & # 8220; Forge the origin of a product & # 8221; And fake sunglasses is to effectively curb before a few years, has achieved initial success.
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