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Jihua’s ABS equipment technological transformation increases by one million monthly-quality of acrylic lens

by:Eugenia     2022-01-07
'The production of ABS products increased by 18,100 tons in the first month after the start-up of the technological transformation, which created a profit of one million yuan.' This was reported at the 180,000-ton/year ABS plant technical upgrade and operation report held by Jilin Petrochemical recently. News. It is understood that this set of equipment has been in operation for 20 years, and some of the equipment has entered an aging state, with frequent failures, and excessive failures of the pelletizer and rotary valve. They took advantage of the favorable time for this year's major overhaul to implement technical reforms to the device to eliminate bottlenecks and improve the stability of the device. The update of the SAN pelletizer is the top priority of this transformation project. However, unexpected situations occurred one after another. 'After we connected the temporary line to the power supply in advance, the communication between the touch screen of the pelletizer and the CPU of the PLC was not smooth, and the touch screen displayed garbled characters. After investigation, it was found that the baud rate setting in the control system program did not match the cable length. Eliminate this After a failure, the whole touch screen of the pelletizer was full of alarm messages, which kept flickering.” said Sun Desheng, a technician in charge of instrumentation, that everyone at the scene was very anxious. They picked up the drawing and checked the fault information from the beginning, and finally found that the drawing of the design unit was not consistent with the drawing provided by the manufacturer, which led to the wiring error of the construction unit. If the crux of the problem is found, it is not difficult to troubleshoot and solve them one by one, and finally all the problems of the pelletizer instrument will be solved. The instrument problem was solved, and during the trial run, an accident occurred again: the pelleting water of the SAN unit overflowed. Dr. Lu Shulai, the chief engineer of the plant, said that it was preliminarily determined that the dryer was blocked. After excluding the inspection of the inlet water channel of the dryer, the inspection of the material outlet of the dryer, the steering and the induced air ducts were all normal, they focused on the equipment itself and finally found the clues. 'Because it is an upgrade project, the vibrating screen and other equipment are the original equipment used, and the drying box is a newly installed equipment. In order to connect the two equipment in a straight line, the angle of the dryer discharge pipeline was artificially changed during the installation. The angle was small and the resistance was reduced. As a result, the discharge capacity of the discharge line of the drying box is reduced, and material blockage is likely to occur.' He said that the disease was found, and the technicians modified the discharge line of the dryer at the fastest speed and successfully completed the installation of the pipeline. Work, the SAN particles enter the vibrating screen briskly and are transported to the silo. The 180,000-ton/year ABS device technology upgrade project was successfully completed, realizing the leap from continuous operation to full-load operation. Keywords: Acrylic lens quality
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