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Jinchen sunglasses pictorial provocative countless 'boyfriend' roof

by:Eugenia     2020-08-02
Full of goddess girlies jinchen recently took a group of militantly proclaim posters, the twinkling of an eye becomes a 'morning ye'. Handsome suit, shirt and various avant-garde sunglasses, charismatic, 'boyfriend' now! Jinchen, was born on September 5, 1990 in jinan, shandong province, graduated from Beijing dance academy strength, professional musical, Chinese mainland actress, plane model. In 2009 in cologne martial arts drama 'peacock feathers of seven kinds of weapons'. Combined with Chris lai in 2011 in hunan satellite TV 'dancing miracle' in the third quarter, and win the championship. In 2012 war drama 'tongbai hero' act the role of han mei cream. 2013 thriller starring film 'paradoxical carpool' nominated media the 16th Shanghai international film festival awards for best new actress. 2014 in ancient costume drama, 'female medical partner, biography and martial martial arts drama' warlords moon '. 2016 unit in ancient costume drama 'green hill fox legend', the same year starred in TV series 'little lover.
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