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Jingboran play Hong Kong style the new men's sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-31
, as a representative of the movie don't let the most popular niche jingboran after movie 'catch demon', from the simple 'pop idol' to 'power idol' actor's identity to advance, the appearance, but also win a high level, under the lens of his unique charm, cannot be defined. Teenage stood in the spotlight, neither young ignorant puffed up unruly, now no = so cautious and pragmatic, honest and comfortable and energetic full! In the following this group of Hong Kong style restoring ancient ways is large, jingboran tried a different image unruly, play big sunglasses. Seemed languid is lazy optional 'well treasure', combined with different modelling also showed a wild and inner state of the 'game'! Do you think of spring and summer contracted collocation is too mundane, fashionable to have no way to get satisfaction? Well treasure to tell you, the modelling of 'chicken ribs' Say No possibility, a handsome have a type of locomotive leather vest for you bring good relaxed, a pair of round sunglasses let you tide restoring ancient ways the new male modelling dash forward show! Despite the elegant pure black suits, jingboran outfit law toward more lightsome along with the gender of the new ShuaiFeng and deconstruction evolution. Material from cotton, knit to leather also gradually layer changes, in the same color/nearly tonal divided into layers. Treasure all sorts of modelling and well play the sunglasses, chao fan handsome, unruly set at a suit. 'Skin' gas is a bit rush, a well sometimes move feeling relaxed and full of blood in the art, somewhere between rock stars and riding a gentleman, very subtle and interesting! As the saying goes, a man not bad woman love, want to change to the new boy snatched a younger sister, hurry to choose pair of fashion sunglasses! Ray-ban sunglasses recommend that RB3537 men sunglasses 002/6 g/black/grey piece of ray-ban sunglasses RB3447 men 002/40 black/dazzle colour blue chip
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