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Joe sunglasses easily travel white shirt jeans are simple in style

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
Recently, long legs male god Joe for filming 'I love you, Venice thousand silk' appeared in Thailand airport, the day his white shirt with jeans, casual simple but relaxed and stylish, and black backpack and fashionable sunglasses, more show its capable cool, is the stylish men late spring early summer travel dress code. Joe, born on August 15, 1982 in tianjin, China mainland actor, graduated from Shanghai theater academy performance of undergraduate course. In 2002 the first TV series 'ambition'; In 2003, starring drama 'life' actor and attention; In 2011, starring the TV series new jade guanyin and the legends of China tripod award play good drama actor; In 2013, starring the TV series GongSuo liancheng and film the drug wars.
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