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'Justin' wear sunglasses at Spring Festival gala dress rehearsal

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
As 21, the overall appearance, break up for many years, 'Justin' finally determined in the CCTV Spring Festival gala 'return' on the stage. At 2 o 'clock yesterday afternoon, on the base of the CCTV Spring Festival gala 'the home of the film and television,' nicky wu, su yupeng, Julian Chen three 'played' members come in succession, nicky wu and su yupeng is met 'bear hug'. It is reported, they will rehearse together four days, and will participate in 25 on CCTV 1 studio rehearsal. Three people again, attracted media containment, nicky wu confessed to get together again very rare, very enjoy the process of rehearsal together. Nicky wu and Julian Chen also su yupeng change is big, very manly. Three rehearsals for more than four hours for the first time, the night also came to the north sea near the restaurant for dinner. Rehearse the scene, the director of the gala Jin Yue unexpected appearance, also in watching the three rehearsals, according to the 'played' will be singing representative 'green apple paradise', 'love', 'butterfly flying' three songs. In the days of rehearsal, 'Justin' will be the main practice steps and connections between the three song. In position, they will continue past the queue: nicky wu center, su yupeng, Julian Chen, respectively, to present you a familiar members individually.
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