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KaiLan glasses to dragon TV detonated the ultimate challenge this summer

by:Eugenia     2020-09-06
Dragon TV production of large outdoor competition like variety shows the ultimate challenge in June burst release, Huang Lei, sun hong2 lei2, show, Huang Bo, lay, Wang Xun big names, such as star lineup, KaiLan glasses as the ultimate challenge of strategic partners, decided to dragon TV set off this summer together hand in hand. 'The ultimate challenge' flagship 'men' concept. In today's society, in fact, pressure, hard work is the 'man', especially the 'focus' of men, their monumental exploits, working pressure, life pressure big, can't talk at random. In the ultimate challenge, show, the audience can see men for various types of chasing, competition coruscate charm and wit, bloody sweat hard won - — 'Extreme challenges, this is the life'. KaiLan glasses, full of vitality, this is an individual with the connotation of the brand, full of elegant temperament. It in a aplomb, appropriately reflects the elegant demeanor, convey the unique temperament of urban fashion crowd. The freedom of soul can run on the grassland, you can swim in the ocean, you can fly in the sky. Ease is a forever yearning for the future, about the temperament, about personality, about the heart, about the comfortable; This is our freedom, is also KALLA's freedom, we would like to experience with all of this freedom, common declaration: 'Let it be' KaiLan glasses and the ultimate challenge all radiant with charm and wit, free and at ease. Let us together hand in hand to set off this summer. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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