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Kantsch sunglasses: inspired by mountain movement in the 70 s pioneering spirit of the sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
In the seventy s is a big mountain of the era. 8000 meters peak has been conquered, the highest mountain in the world are now find more difficult route: Anna &poor's south side, nanga parbat lu pearl face, or southwest of mount Everest. In 1975, Germany - Austria's 11 top mountaineers to Kangchenjunga 8603 meters high in the Himalayas. Rodenstock stoke sunglasses and glacier glasses is part of the 'Kantsch expedition. For research purposes, roden stoke gives the climber is equipped with special Perfalit Photosolar, ColorMatic© Karl - climbing legend from the Himalayas Maria Herrligkoffer reported rodin stoke heat and dust of the expedition participants glasses and reflects the experience of snow area: 'lens adaptability in different light conditions are often admirable, is considered to be technological progress in addition, there is a light and elegant appearance design, this is not important for the climber. Recommended reading: sunglasses brands on the basis of the investigation, we have design a bright spot for the 140th anniversary of the product: glasses inspired by the expedition participants, latest Rodenstock series can be found in 'Kantsch' sunglasses. 'Kantsch' USES the shape design of the pilot glasses, there are four different colors, with a high contrast or polarized lens.
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