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Kim woo bin qiu dong pictorial black-rimmed glasses change urban male with public suits

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
Recently, Kim woo bin cooperation with some brand 'MYREDWORLD' as the theme of the photos in the autumn and winter series of posters in public. Kim woo bin in the photo is wearing a sweater, wearing dark glasses and a suit diverse style such as clothing, become fashionable and spell able metropolis male, show his unique charm of men. Wearing a thick sweater, the person also warm up ~ before shooting pictorial is a pair of big long legs especially bright eye, image of clothes rack. Fish cake of life, is also a can be handsome lovely ~ bangs down, Obama a second turns into a big sunshine boy! How Obama such fish cake, let a person do not love? With glasses recommendation: sagawa fujii 62018 c1 tide sheet metal black myopia glasses
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