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Kingdom of powerful and unconstrained style of sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-21
In spring and summer fashion week in 2016, the sun glasses will no longer appear to deserve to act the role, its grandiose yet beautiful, consistent with overall modelling of the leading role in the T stage. Designers try to add new sunglasses with the design of whimsy, make it become the focus of the audience. Indeed, such a design more interesting than the clothing, to enter the kingdom of powerful and unconstrained style of mirror with us. Dolce& Full flower decoration on Gabbana sunglasses, high-profile led the audience into the splendid journey. Fendi abstract plastic frames with deep blue, permeate a don't be a tree's art. MarcodeVincenzo frame square founder, stereo sense is very, there is a kind of contemporary science fiction. Pucci modeling exaggerated red sunglasses, still can see delicate eye makeup, though you might say such a grandiose sunglasses how do I wear to go out, but the small make up that beautiful things always has its existing reason, and we can also get some inspiration, to create the beauty of the other.
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