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Kongs public auction sunglasses donations blind sight

by:Eugenia     2020-08-11
Has been the second year in a row as orbis 'ambassador' of light, she visited last year in Inner Mongolia, in remote rural areas, where pain deeply touched her eye disease of children. In April this year, she went to children around the world blind disease areas in India, mumbai's dharavi slum, deeply into rural family visit eye disease patients, and with eye disease children into the operating room. A passage to India also gave her a huge shock. Jun as since June 19 to orbis platform 'childishness Eye' carnival activities, at the same time, in response to orbis's gift 'network' GiftofSight - Eye fundraising activities, rather than out of the box and treasure, to donate their favorite DITA brand sunglasses, for public auction. Donated a pair of love of the sun glasses, so you like a point don't love dearly, she said: 'many Indian children born cannot choose environment, especially when I see those slums eye diseases in children, the bad living environment, let me very heartache! I will try to do more to help a is a, hope to contribute with my fans will be able to love and support orbis sight at an early date to help these children. ”
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