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L sunglasses and high-grade sports mix all show urban feelings

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
At the Shanghai Dior open mini theater l, and then to tencent fashion ( Weibo) Took one Look at a day exclusive collocation. L wear avant-garde style of classical temperament also no less. See her today to bring you the beautiful recreational urban mix build, an orange vest with three-dimensional straight plaid shorts, high-end design and agile with rich texture type, a multicolor patchwork sports shoes to wear out of the brilliant personality, along with the gender self better dot eyeball is stereo plaid chain package delicate do manual work and cool temperament let whole more sense of modern city, deserve to go up again a avant-garde fashion sunglasses, l incarnation frivolous urban fashionable young woman, clever and confident to mashup wear a special temperament. Modelling parsing: orange sweater vest, black diamond plaid shorts, sunglasses/are Dior2015 spring and summer clothing; Rose des Vents( A compass rose) Series bracelet and necklace/are Dior high-end jewelry; Diorama silver calfskin handbag/Dior; Grey purple stitching sneakers/Balenciaga 【 Tie-in claim 】 Use color opportunely bright but not brilliant wearing has urban feeling must choose contracted style clear item to match, you may match the compasses also can match the vitality of bright eye, at this time is the color in volatile magic. Orange is very suitable for summer wear carry bright look better choice, can bring monogamous silver fashionable avant-courier, let integral collocation to enhance the brightness is also will not appear too gorgeous flowery. Can choose some more color on the accessories to make whole style more vitality, clever coloring create beautiful good temperament, show the city female beautiful side. 【 Tie-in TIPS: Pull breeze sunglasses don't wear when at this time: what could be more suitable for urban redesigns than sunglasses fit? Don't choose dark brown or candy color, dark blue thin frame is just right, is to lead the absolute guarantee. Exquisite deserve to act the role of shining young smell: dynamic confidence of city ladies wear take need little woman feel sexy charm, choose some delicate chain bracelet or necklace is pretty good, small ornament to let a person more means nifty, done sufficient details to match only then to be perfect. 【 The editors recommend collocation 】 1. Msgm choli 2. Dior sunglasses. 3. Dior Rose des Vents compass Rose necklace 4 series. Dior Rose des Vents compass Rose bracelet 5 series. Dior chain bag 6. Marni sneakers 7. Vanessa Bruno shorts pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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