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'Lady Chen hao,' the teacher wear glasses around the campus

by:Eugenia     2020-09-04
Chen teacher prepares a lesson earnestly she is set in the corner of the campus thousand favor at a suit, the smoke to flatter the heartthrob, she is a fixation road, let a person love and flow of violet, however, Chen hao in life away from the 'lady' and 'purple' is very far away, she likes to wear flat shoes, a suit of casual clothes, a pair of black glasses, woman. she when talking or doing things, like a tomboy. In addition to being an actor, the mother of two children, Chen hao today one more new labels - — Central academy of drama teacher. From the hustle and bustle blundering entertainment turned around, walked into the quiet campus, she tried to find the true self. 'Heartthrob Chen teacher attend public welfare activities to sit down to start over, when wind careful, Chen hao was a heartthrob in the minds of many. But Chen hao character of life is on the contrary, 'I like simple. From wearing to life, I am a can not cosmetic is not to spend. 'On the same day to attend a public welfare activity, Chen hao simple comb ponytail, wearing a pair of ellipse big sunglasses, wearing a crisp white shirt and short skirt out of the house. The Chen Chen hao on the campus is quiet in the library of being a teacher, a day without makeup, dressed, wearing a pair of black glasses, looks a lot less outer ring, but a lot more smiles, enrich the sprinkled on the face. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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