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Large round glasses beauty Iris Apfel to mix outsourcing 'fathers'

by:Eugenia     2020-07-16
Many people are still in the self-styled 'fashion's got talent', New York, 93 - year - old woman has been a mixed outsourcing 'fathers'. Iris Apfel gives the impression of is always wears a pair of big round glasses, dressed in a trendy clothes. She once said her dress standards, is to have 'yes, here I come! 'The boldness of vision, perhaps is a kind of subjective judgments, but' not as 'real personality. “Iris Apfel ( Iris's phil) 80 - year - old debut, but play fashion, she made history at the age of 93 - year - old, living fashion icon. 'Every time think of the Iris Apfel themselves feel the whole thing very absurd. Her signature image: super round glasses + super big necklace + countless bracelet + vintage clothing Iris Apfel ( Iris's phil) The age of 90, is still in the struggle, try a series of new work: with M. 一个。 Colour makeup, and Eye - C cooperation The other day Iris Apfel ( Iris's phil) Together and 22 KarlieKloss advertising, that a head of white hair, wearing a large round glasses, wearing big bowknot, blue socks matchs green trousers pepper point is 93 - year - old Iris Apfel. Don't think that she take a advertising will wear so tide feels dye-in-the-wood, did in the beautiful young Karlie Kloss, from head to toe with art fashion. 2005, the New York metropolitan museum held a call 'treasures: Iris Barrel Apfel collection featured exhibition would like to come with her borrow some jewelry exhibition, given the match, they want to borrow some clothes. ' they went through all my wardrobe, box, drawer, home and cabinet top and bottom bed, exclaimed, while dragging out a steady stream of clothes. We have to put all the furniture on one end of the room, and to buy 10 racks, to sort out everything. 'She said. Is this shook the New York fashion apparel collection, then moved to display all over the world. From then on the big round mirror, hang on singular jewelry fashionable lady became the age of a new generation of fashion icon. But, at the beginning of the exhibition witnessed such a legendary and surreal color dress, many visitors are the master of the default clothes have been dead. Dress up every time she at least 20 bracelet, five to ten necklace, there is room for the baroque age to the age of 19 South America to soil cannon design of modern flea market. Important accessories, must belong to the larger than her face round glasses, sounds crazy strange strange, but put on Iris Apfel, is so stylish. When you are 93 years old, if you can live to this age, whether you can like her live and beauty to the old? Let her fashion firmly in mind, and admire passionate admiration for her!
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