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Large st Paul myopia sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-09-02
Large st Paul derived from Santa Barbara, California, USA in 1911 polo club, has more than one hundred years ago. By famous people, become the symbol of status and taste. St Paul big sunglasses in China in 2000, and was the first to put forward the hd polarization concept, while adhering to the club sports spirit, insist on would be a perfect fusion of technology and fashion design as China's unique taste and individuality fashion brand of sunglasses. Big st. Paul will always adhere to the glasses in their own development process, perfecting constantly carve, with sincerity and intentions, focus, professional attitude, constantly. Whether hot summer or cold winter, it was clear, or the haze in the ultraviolet (uv) light everywhere. Sunglasses has become a necessary weapon eye protection. But for nearsighted person, want to visual clarity and protection both eyes, really very troublesome. And the occurrence of myopia sunglasses, solved the problem. It is understood that the great Paul new sunglasses have the following several characteristics: 1, is an integration of myopia sunglasses. At present there are many kinds of sunglasses on the market, including dyeing piece of sunglasses, hanging clamp plate sunglasses, and so on, and the launch of large st Paul the sunglasses, as an integration of myopia sunglasses, retained the sunglasses fashion style, dazzle colour mirror coating cooler, more fashionable, meet the demand of the collocation of fashionable personage. 2, using tailored, for everyone's eyes, face, tailored for the lens, cooperate with fashion box type, make wearing more comfortable. 3, with polarized light function, effectively filter out noise light glare, especially suitable for driving people to wear. 4, little details on the big idea, the adornment design of the frame and hide myopic lens thickness, glasses are more fashionable. 5, it would take a pair of into the cost of the mirror. Consumers choose the right box type, measuring parameters, the parameter send to SAO Paul glasses processing center, processing center will be processed into a mirror by mail to the consumer. ( Industry is mostly adopt the way of buying into a mirror and myopia sun lenses to operate, so that consumers need to pay a vice into a mirror and the cost of a pair of glasses) Large st Paul myopia sunglasses that delicate and perfect technology, shape every exquisite, delicate small details, shows its outstanding one side.
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