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LBH honeymoon return, sunglasses show handsome

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
Recently, with the film 'who let me crazy' reputation of the famous Korean movie star LBH, Li Min with his wife at the end of your honeymoon in maldives back to Korea. On the same day, LBH dressed casually, 'black sunglasses with straw hat, self-confidence, handsome, and smile to greet with reporters. Prior to that, two people get married on August 10, back home in gyeonggi province in kwangju LBH began to live in the home. LBH wore the black sunglasses fashion modeling, the declaration of the modelling of wide and bright, become numerous star without makeup when confidence good partners of the street, of course is good star to avoid the paparazzi shot shield. It can be very good sealed eye type faults or bloated eye problems, such as, so have the trouble might as well put to good use. Black glasses itself can give a person a kind of distance, therefore, suggest that women mediate with dress details such as lace, bowknot black hale and sense.
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