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Le jier try wearing sunglasses temperament conspicuous

by:Eugenia     2020-08-11
Supermodel le jier ( Gaile) Following earlier for some international glasses chain shot after new advertising in 2010, was invited again demonstrate many spring and summer the sun glasses, and share the experience of sun glasses. Gaile refers to choose the sun glasses to depending on their personality and face. To her, for example, often wear black clothes she will choose white sunglasses lining, highlight and will not be too exaggerated. Gaile laugh refers to his face is round, must wear sunglasses covering a large box cover. Mood extremely beautiful Gaile more play the garden branch on the set of road, also like professional stylist explained how to choose the sun glasses with different dress besides enthusing about the sun glasses, when she saw the other two secondary arm with crystal flat glasses, Gaile began to hesitate. Lovely Gaile put more smile to play, that all field personnel hands together to vote that Mr A pair of glasses is on her! Quickly finish filming, Gaile more accept professional optometry service, she pointed out the check has been nearly seven years ago, now begin to pay more attention to eye health!
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