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Learn from the famous stylist Catherine Barbara sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
Internationally famous stylist countless, but the mere mention of Barbara, Catherine to have to say she is a very famous stylist in Paris. The collocation of she always can let a person shine at the moment, even if again weird modelling, also can learn collocation of inspiration. She especially loves with sunglasses, there almost every street snap sunglasses! Catherine Barbara's name in China is not loud, but when you see a picture of her will tumble to the original layout of a woman is the occupying the street. Scarf, sunglasses, thin eyebrows, lips, and wearing fur cool to ride a bicycle that awarded her the title 'all the fashionable women of Paris' is deserved. Barbara's reputation is in Paris, Catherine is quite loud, she once and chanel, givenchy and balmain ( 巴尔曼) Super star cooperation, such as her fashion modelling work also often appear in the Dazed& 困惑》。 《名利场》) ) And, ( Vogue such a line in the fashion magazine, was in regarded as 'the queen'. Barbara has others cannot match Catherine fashion temperament, a kind of more French than the French woman romantic temperament. Baba's style is very dramatic, ingeniously combines the rich fabrics, gorgeous color. She likes elegant and classical costumes, and can't resist the allure of jewelry and accessories. Extra large tassel earrings, a typical 70 s sunglasses, scarf and belt restoring ancient ways is Barbara (Catherine 凯瑟琳Baba) Look in the typical item. And looking at her photos you will know, she cannot leave is a variety of personality hat and her sunglasses. Recommended: sunglasses sunglasses factory S9103 ray-ban sunglasses C01 frame black/lens gradient ash RB4242 unisex eyeglass frame 6201/13 brown
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