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Learn from the goddess GIGI wear with sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-28
This year's fire supermodel GigiHadid after 95, one of the fresh meat of Hollywood don't know when was crown 'micro fat supermodel', small make up feel her body in the modeling industry may be a little plump, but is this a feature? Goddess Gigi as one of the hottest model, her personal opinions on clothing collocation also is very goddess then we together to learn on the collocation with sunglasses ~ loose hole water wind locomotive leather tannins with boyfriend, it's the men's leather shoes with flat feet, very handsome. It has paired with leather jacket off light color knit unlined upper garment, the boyfriend wind and got the balance of the female soft. This a handsome and gentle with clothing, Gigi sunglasses, with a big box of handsome index has soared. Knee-high boots has been very popular, use a light knee-high boots with Gigi skinny jeans waist is BOHO knitting sweater, light color again in the soft appear aura is dye-in-the-wood. Small round box sunglasses with balls, reflected the lovely feeling restoring ancient ways. The unity of the black dress chic high cold model fit. Turtleneck sweater with split satin black skirt knee-high black boots, the aura that gives a person. Ray-ban sunglasses recommend RB4187F purple black box piece TR90 high-end fashion big yards Ms. Sun glasses sunglasses factory S9102 sunglasses C01 frame black/lens gradient grey
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