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Learn television star you can also very fashionable to wear glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
Small make up to introduce the running man, Cui Jiangxi today, 'the Beijing three beauty star fashion glasses, glasses to wear a secret, you look at how the three TV actress with glasses, believe small make up, learn to look, you can also very fashionable. Part1: running man glasses + hat Style on SBS variety show 'the RunningMan,' female members running man with actress love dress image, her slovenly, relatively casual dress, very easygoing, are popular with the audience. Especially when she without makeup wear glasses of simple shape, shows different from all the different style. She often with a baseball cap with the animal pattern, deserve to go up again frame glasses, appear small cute; When there is no cornice cap, she would wear phase contrast with the glasses, making only belongs to own fashion style. Frame glasses now has become almost a sign of running man, to make her smile more tender, face more delicate, a cult. Small make up remind everybody, when wearing glasses, the size of the frame is very important. If the frame is too big, will hide his face; If the frame is too small, also will make the face look great. So, every time running man on the choice of glasses, is very wise. She has to wear glasses while not too gorgeous, but also not is black and white, as her image added a bit more free and easy, really cute. Part2: the round glasses Cui Jiangxi, 'the Beijing South Korea representative dance the peacock beauty Cui Jiangxi with' national bagel girl ', 'the Beijing have fashion glasses appeared in variety shows. In the variety show 'two day and a night' and KBS drama 'the iron man,' they wore round glasses, attract the attention of the audience. Wide Cui Jiangxi when choosing glasses, often choose eyeglass frame round glasses, look younger. This picture frame round glasses wide, not only can 'beautification' age, someone who looks 'sharp' can also make some gentle. And thou shalt wear glasses frame is narrow, the Beijing gives the impression of some cold ao. This kind of picture frame glasses, more suitable for a garden face. When wearing, also note glass frame cannot be too large, otherwise it will give people more stupid is not sharp.
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